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Market Stalls, 133A Rye Lane, Peckham, London, SE15 4BQ
This property is no longer available
This property is no longer available
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Designed to provide opportunities for small businesses, the Foodhall at Market is a collection of small-scale, customisable hospitality spaces in a high quality, high footfall, revenue share environment.

Located in the ground floor of the Market building, it sits opposite Peckham Rye Station, at one of Rye Lane’s busiest junctions, surrounded by a vast range of independent retailers and hospitality venues.

Market is a bustling mixed use building housing a 270-person co-work space, Forza Wine’s rooftop bar, Tonkotsu’s ramen restaurant, Milo and the Bull’s fitness studio and Peckham Audio’s live music venue.

As well as having one of the most prominent frontages on Rye Lane, Market sits on the thoroughfare between the high street and Copeland Park / Bussey Building.

Alongside footfall from the broad range of customers within Market itself, this brings hundreds of small business owners and thousands of visitors through the building and past the front entrance and rear courtyard (pictured) each week, creating a genuine dual frontage and highly visible outdoor seating area.

Available from
20 May
Date listed:
8 May

Call 020 7440 1840

Ryan Mylroie
Kyle McGuire
Sam Westmacott
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